just like ringing a bell.

"He's a Blues/Rock genius guitar virtuoso, pelting out scorching soulful vocals. Hayes must be seen to be believed."

Imagine for a moment....a young boy in a small town. Railroad tracks. A boy grows up completely consumed by the sound of a guitar. Forever mesmerized by it's possibilities. "The goal is to play the guitar just like ringing a bell." Sound familiar? Mike Hayes is that boy. And his sound is ringing loud and clear. 

Mike grew up in the dense  woods of upstate New York. “Just from the way the dude holds the guitar you can tell how much he played growing up.” There is no doubt when you watch Mike play you are watching an a very pure basic element manifesting. 

From a single digit age he has been wielding the guitar as would Shakespeare a pen. Monet a brush. Or a great leader and their words. After playing everywhere he could till 2005, he head out for LA. With a suitcase and guitar in hand as the story goes. Blowing minds and touching hearts every time he plays, it’s no wonder that anyone who sees him says the same thing. “He’s the greatest guitar player I’ve ever seen.” Out west mike played with such greats as Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and Don Was. Holding a resistance at the most popular Hollywood night spots for nearly a decade.

Mike Hayes's unmatched roots-style of guitar sets him apart from the average aspiring star playing in any local venue. Beyond anything else Mike’s authentic approach and innate talent for live performances convinces an audience of any size that he’s lived the blues he plays.

In the spring of 2015, Mike headlined the launch of the renowned Malibu Guitar Festival, performing alongside legends like Albert Lee, Richie Sambora, and Orianthi. Mike’s innate ability to capture the thrill of live performance and translate every emotive note to a recording has earned him film placement for his original song “I’m A Fool” as well as session work for TV and Film. Mike has also opened for acts including The Allman Brothers Band, Charlie Daniels, The Marshall Tucker Band, and Gov't Mule.

Now Mike has made a leap back to the East coast, the place in which he cut his musical teeth. Nashville is a springboard to endless possibilities for him as a songwriter and the natural performer he was born to be.